Senior Impact

Safety In the Home: Questions to Consider

• Is the lighting adequate but not glare-producing?_________
• Are the light switches easy to reach and to turn on?_______
• Can lights be turned on before entering rooms?___________
• Are night-lights used in appropriate places?____________

• Are there throw rugs, highly polished floors or other hazardous floor coverings? If so, where?_____________________
• Can they be removed or made less hazardous?_____________________
• Do area rugs have non slip backing and are the edges tacked to the floor?___________________________________
• Are cords, clutter or other obstacles in the pathways? _________If yes, can they be cleared?____________________
• Are doorways wide enough to accommodate assistive devices?________
• Do door thresholds create hazardous conditions?________________
• How does the person obtain objects from hard to reach places?(chairs can be hazards)_________________________

• Are chairs the right height and depth for the individual?_______________
• Do chairs have arm rests?______________________________________
• Are tables sturdy and will not tip if leaned on?________________________
• Is small furniture placed away from pathways?______________________

• Are there light switches at the top and bottom of the stairs?____________
• Are there securely fastened handrails on both sides of stairs?__________
• Are all the steps even?_________________________________________
• Should colored tape be used to mark the edges of the steps, particularly the top and bottom?____________________

• Are grab bars placed appropriately for the tub and toilet?______________
• Does the tub have skid proof straps or a rubber mat in the bottom?______
• Is there a tub or shower seat available?___________________________
• Can the shower head be replaced by a hand held shower head?________
• Is the height of the toilet appropriate?_____________________________

• Is the height of the bed appropriate?_____________________________
• Is the mattress firm enough at the edges to provide enough support for sitting?________________________________
• If the bed has wheels, are they locked securely?___________________
• Would side rails be a help or a hazard?____________________________
• When side rails are down, are they completely out of the way?____
• Is the pathway between bedroom and bathroom clear of objects and well lighted at night?_______________________
• Would a bedside commode be useful, especially at night?_____________

• Are storage areas used to the best advantage-e.g. frequently used objects in the most accessible places?__________
• Are appliance cords in good condition and out of the way?_____________
• Are non slip mats used in front of the sink?_________________________
• Are the markings on stoves and other appliances clearly visible?_______

• Is an emergency response system available(911)?___________________
• Does the person know how and when to use it?_____________________
• Would a private emergency call service be helpful?_________________
• Is the person’s vital information listed in a place where it would be accessible in an emergency?__________________

• Is the temperature comfortable for the person?______________________
• Can the person read the marking on the thermostat and adjust it? ______
• Is water temperature less than 110 Fahrenheit?_____________________
• During hot weather, is there adequate ventilation?___________________
• During cold weather, is the furnace working properly?________________